C250 Class (Medium Duty)

1) Solid Cover Series

* Ductile IronC-manhole-cover01
* Central Lifting Key Hole
* Cut-Corner Design
* Diamond raised top design
Some types come with GRP sealing plate.


2) Recessed Cover SeriesC-manhole-cover02

* Ductile Iron
* Lifting Key Holes
* Recessed cover


3) Central Lifting SeriesC-manhole-cover03

* Ductile Iron
* Central Lifting Key Hole
* Special inscription or different identification is available.


4) Round Cover SeriesC-manhole-cover04

* Ductile Iron
* Round Cover + Round / Square Frame
* with/without Hinge
* with PE Gasket


Most of the standard sizes are available.
Ask SYI Sales Representatives for more details at info@syifoundry.com